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Teach you the skill of using the hammer after buying the hammer

The electric hammer is based on the principle of piston movement. Compressed gas impacts the drill bit, allowing objects to open holes and holes. The main problem lies in the safety and operation specifications of electric power. Now let me talk about the use of skills.

To buy the electric hammer, you need to add oil to the electric hammer, use the pliers to open the upper cover, then squeeze the oil into it and cover it. Here is always pay attention to the presence or absence of lubricating oil, no electric hammer sounds great, hot.

Install the drill bit, or change the drill bit. The attention here is to tighten the drill bit, slide the slide down, and place the drill bit inside the drill hole.

Then you need to pull the black circle up, so that it is fastened, but there is still a problem, you see if you need to punch or break, the hole is a round drill, which is a thread like a screw. The hole is flat, so it is easy to play, and the more pointed the resistance is.

The next step is to find the power supply. Generally, the operation on the construction site requires “one machine, one brake, one leak”, which is safe.

Because it is a hammer, the force is relatively large, so it takes a lot of effort to get it fast. Here, the front hand is gripped, and the back hand needs to be pushed hard, which will improve the efficiency.

The electric hammer also needs regular maintenance. Pay attention to the damage of the electric wire. The place where the wire end and the electric hammer are connected is the most vulnerable, so check it frequently to prevent electric leakage and injury.