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What is the reason that the electric hammer does not impact and the impact is weak? How to deal with it

No impact and impact weakness is one of the common faults in the mechanical part of the electric hammer. The main reason is that the rubber ring on the piston and the ram is aging. The large cylinder is erected and the mouth is facing downward. If the hammer can fall freely, then The apron must be aging. When the rubber ring is aging, it can hear the sound of the piston and the hammer colliding with each other. After the disassemble, the end face of the piston and the hammer can be found to be bright, and the short impact seed can also cause no impact (comparable with the new impact seed) No oil can also cause a weak impact.
If the above conditions are normal and there is no impact, then it is necessary to observe the large cylinder to see if there is any crack, and if there is a crack, it needs to be replaced.
If the motor turns after the power is turned on, the sound that the hammer head can not hear the compression may be broken or eccentric. If the motor turns after starting, the hammer does not turn and the sound without compression may be damaged by the first stage or the shaft of the rotor. Then there is the bad performance of the umbrella teeth to turn into weakness or not to turn at all.
There is another phenomenon. Please pay attention to the fact that the key is broken. When we check the cooperation of the gear and the shaft, because the strong friction shaft and the gear rubber are together, it is not easy to find the break of the key, but it cannot work normally after the load is applied. Before replacing the new parts, be sure to clean the dirt and oil in the fault point so that we can find other faults. The needle roller bearing in the middle cover must be used well. If it is used as a defective product, it can be damaged by the first stage wheel and the rotor shaft.