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What are the characteristics, maintenance and precautions of the eDonkey?

The electric breaker is a double-insulated hand-held power tool powered by a single-phase series-excited motor. It is safe, reliable, efficient, and easy to operate. It is widely used in pipeline laying, mechanical installation, water supply and drainage facilities, Interior decoration, port facility construction and other construction projects are applicable to boring brazing or other suitable attachments, such as chisel, shovel, etc. for concrete, masonry structure, asphalt pavement, crushing, leveling, excavation, slotting, cutting, etc. .
The electric raft is divided into two types of single-phase electric cymbal and multi-function electric cymbal. The main users of the multi-function electric cymbal type that are mainly BOSCH and DEWALT on the market are construction, railway construction, urban construction unit and reinforcement industry.
Characteristics of eDonkey
The sliding clamp is designed for more secure locking and quicker loading and unloading of the mast. The soft rubber wrapped sub-handle effectively reduces vibration and cooperates with the 360° rotation function to make the operation more convenient and more comfortable.
Optimized mechanical design for exceptional impact and durability.
High-quality motor, instantaneous power outbreak, and higher efficiency.
The unique damping spring plate greatly reduces rear-end vibration and reduces operator fatigue.
Switch lock function for long hours of operation
Maintenance and precautions for eMule
1, pay attention to lubrication
Be sure to disconnect the machine's power switch before charging and unplug the power cord from the power outlet.
The large electric shovel is equipped with a fuel tank, so even if the oil is not replenished, if the daily working time is 3 to 4 hours, it can be used continuously for about 20 days. Before using the electric shovel, the oil should be filled as follows, or when the hammer is weak.
When the rig is erected, if the oil gauge does not see the oil (40# lubricant), it should be replenished in time. Before refueling, the attached gauge should be used to remove the fuel gauge and care must be taken to prevent loss of the rubber seal below. Check the oil level once a day to see if the oil level is sufficient.
Small electric shovel, with the same shape as the electric hammer, should be injected with 30 grams of electric hammer oil, not more than 30 grams. If you add more, it will cause serious malfunction of the whole machine; if it is added, it will cause the whole machine to heat up, burn out the internal parts, and not use the car lubricating oil, bicycle chain oil or other lubricating oil.
2, motor maintenance
The motor winding is the heart of the electric shovel. Care should be taken to check for damage and if it is wet with oil or water.
3, check the brush
Motor brushes are consumables, and once worn to the limit, the motor can experience various failures. If you are using a self-stop brush, the motor will automatically stop rotating. The brushes should always be kept clean to ensure free sliding within the brush holder.