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The difference between electric hammer and eDonkey

In home decoration, on-site construction, and various maintenance, power tools are often used by us, but there is a difference between electric hammer and electric hammer. How much do you know about the difference and connection between the two? From the functional principle and application range, there are obvious differences between the electric hammer and the electric hammer. Where is the difference, let's take a look today.

The electric hammer uses the bottom motor to drive two sets of gear structures, one set to achieve it, and the other set to drive the piston, like the engine hydraulic stroke, which produces a powerful impact force, accompanied by the effect of the drill, the power can split the stone. The electric hammer has both the rotating power of the drill and the impact force of the hammer. It is generally used to make a strong wall hole. The general installer, telephone, network, electrician, and woodworker will be equipped with a hammer.

The electric shovel is a kind of bouncing operation that allows the motor to move and sway, so that the hoe can produce the effect of smashing the ground. The pump hammer in the electric cymbal bounces back and forth, which produces the effect of smashing the ground, but the electric hoe is only chiseled and its hoe does not rotate.