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Puming products have many loyal consumers in the domestic market,
and are exported to Europe and the United States and other countries and regions.
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How the hammer works

The principle of the electric hammer is that the transmission mechanism drives the drill bit to make a rotary motion, and there is also a reciprocating hammering motion perpendicular to the rotary head. The electric hammer is driven by the transmission mechanism to reciprocally compress the air in a cylinder. The periodic change of the air pressure in the cylinder drives the hammer in the cylinder to reciprocate against the top of the brick. It is as if we hammered the brick with a hammer, hence the name hammer!
Power tools are low-value consumables and therefore have greater market potential. In the Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market, we learned that the sales volume of electric tools such as electric hammer is relatively hot. The business of foreign trade sales is mainly concentrated in Europe, America and the Middle East. Therefore, the electric hammer is very easy to use!